Good News & Notes

Don’t forget – Time to “Spring Forward”

Yes, it’s that time again.  And, it keeps sneaking up on us earlier and earlier each year.  It’s time to change our clocks forward one hour – tonight. While we are making more time to do things during the daylight hours, let’s not forget to make time for God.  We hope to see you for worship and Bible Study tomorrow morning.  In our bible class, we will begin studying Malachi chapter 2.  The lesson for … Continue readingDon’t forget – Time to “Spring Forward”

Death of a Fig Tree

I’m not sure it was the kind of thing our Lord’s disciples came to expect from Jesus.  For the same reason, I find myself both surprised and maybe a little disturbed at His actions, too.  After all, Jesus is kind, merciful, and tender-hearted.  Why would he pass by a fig tree and through uttering a few words, Kill it? No doubt, when one compares His action in Matt 21:18-22 to other similar events in the … Continue readingDeath of a Fig Tree

A Good Work We Are Privileged To Support!

Imagine, in your most distant memories… as far back as you can remember… you recall being hungry, cold, afraid, alone, in pain, and abused.  You’ve never known any other kind of life.  You have to scavenge for your survival.  Because you are female, there is little hope or opportunity. Then, someone feeds you, clothes you, and approaches you with the prospect of a better life.  You place your trust in them and for the first … Continue readingA Good Work We Are Privileged To Support!

What is Truth?

Pilate asked Jesus this very question nearly 2,000 years ago when questioning our Lord about His guilt or innocence.  The Jewish leaders – with the aid of false witnesses – had charged Jesus with blasphemy and sedition, and sought the death penalty for Christ.  Jesus confirmed that He was indeed a King, but His Kingdom was different from any earthly kingdom.  His was a SPIRITUAL kingdom.  He went on to say that His purpose in … Continue readingWhat is Truth?

Are You Happy?

The Harris Poll has been conducting a “happiness” survey for the last 9 years.  Although the poll showed that Americans reported being happier in 2017 than 2016, the survey revealed that only 33 % of Americans say they are especially happy overall. In a nation that has so much, why aren’t more people happy?  Just compare “our” standard of living to the rest of the world.  Consider our income, our homes, our personal transportation, our … Continue readingAre You Happy?